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We constantly hear about the importance of creating backup copies of all our important documents, in case someday our computer happens to die. So if you've finally decided to follow this wise piece of advice, you can start with Uranium Backup.

This backup application will help you create security copies of selected files and documents and save them in different locations, including network units, USB devices and removable hard drives. Of course, you can also backup to another folder in the same drive, but that wouldn't be very smart (if you lose that hard drive, you lose both the original and the backup copy).

The most outstanding feature in Uranium Backup is that you can schedule those backups to be run at specific days and times. The scheduling menu has lots of options so you can easily have your backups done when you're not using the PC and thus it doesn't disturb your work.

On the downside, this freeware version doesn't include other interesting features like the ability to save backup copies to an FTP drive, a CD or a DVD.

Uranium Backup is a simple, easy-to-use backup tool you can use for your security copies, provided you don't need FTP support.

The backup software for Windows.

Uranium Backup is a complete backup software for Windows that allows to perform many types of security copies to a large number of devices (NAS, Tape, DVD, Blu-Ray, REV, RDX, USB drives, FTP servers, mailboxes, etc ...).

You can create disk images for disaster recovery plans and perform Exchange mailboxes backup, SQL Server / MySQL / MariaDB databases backup, virtual machines backup running on Hyper-V and VMware ESX / ESXi / vSphere hosts and plan files and folders backup.

Uranium is also a powerful data transfer program: you can use it to upload/download files from/to FTP servers and make online backups to remote storage locations.

Uranium is very affordable. Our licensing policies are simple: one license for one installation on a physical or virtual machine. We don't care if Uranium is installed on server or home operating systems.

Furthermore it can perform hot backups of virtual machines running on VMware ESX/ESXi Free Hypervisor hosts.

Uranium Backup


Uranium Backup 9.2.0

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